About Us

When a cyber incident happens, it’s all on the line and we are here to help!  You could be facing a damaged reputation, imperiled intellectual property, endangered customer relationships, government investigations, congressional attention and litigation – all of which exacts a significant toll of money, resources, and time.  And the threats are intensifying.

Be prepared. 

Protecting against cyber incidents is a growing technical, management, and legal challenge for companies and public institutions. Measures considered reasonable and prudent in the past are evolving to meet new regulator and investor expectations.

Public disclosure of a cybersecurity breach at a company is often quickly followed by government investigations, congressional attention, stakeholder inquiries, consumer class actions, and shareholder suits, particularly in the United States. 

One calculation puts the “average” cost of a cyber breach involving lost or stolen personal information at $217 per record. Or $6.5 million overall in the cost of detection and escalation, notification, ex-post response and remediation, and lost business.

Are you ready for the legal, technical, and risk management challenges?

Akkendo Cyber's technical professionals are focused on cybersecurity risk management, incident preparedness, breach response and investigations, and crisis management assistance. We provide integrated services to help you navigate the complex and cross-disciplinary challenges of today’s cyber threat environment. We are distinguished by our:  

Experience. We have collectively advised hundreds of companies, associations, educational institutions, and governments on cybersecurity matters, over many years.

Technical Depth. Our team of professionals has the technical training and experience to understand today’s dynamic cyber threat environment and to help you address it effectively.  We translate technical terms and concepts into language that business people can understand and use. 

Scale and Sophistication. We have the demonstrated capacity to handle significant cyber matters, globally and our resulting insights and relationships benefit you.

We’re focused where business leaders are focused—on practical and comprehensive solutions. 

 Our end-to-end suite of services has been crafted to provide the right custom strategy for your needs. 

Assess.  Planning before an incident occurs is crucial to cyber risk management. The dynamic threat landscape, regulatory expectations, and risk management issues mean that a preparedness plan is now standard for many industries. Plans are not one-size-fits-all. Our team will identify your unique threat profile, technical obligations and risk, and incident and response readiness. 

Prepare. With a clear understanding of your organization’s specific challenges in hand, we can then provide integrated technical and risk analysis and counseling on the full suite of relevant factors. Specifically, we can help you address global breach laws, industry- specific security and cyber risk management obligations, cybercrime, senior leadership duty and care obligations, government procurement requirements, ITAR, CIFIUS, the SAFETY Act, and regulated data handling. Using that information, we can then draft response plans and help you rehearse them so that you are ready when the inevitable occurs. 

Support. Our multi-disciplinary response team 24/7/365 support, counseling and strategy development to help you tackle the vast array of challenges that arise in the wake of an incident. Clients can be overwhelmed and even crippled by issues such as information-sharing, breach notification, communications and PR, and vendor and forensic expert identification, but we will use our extensive experience and mature judgment to help you navigate every step of these minefields. 

Respond. We will help you identify and interact with the appropriate law enforcement, regulatory, and other government officials, and can facilitate multi-company interaction on issues relevant to a broad group of stakeholders. 

We have counseled hundreds of companies on cybersecurity matters.

Here’s a sample of our teams work.

Client: Major Retailer.

Need: Respond to payment card breach affecting over 50 million consumer payment cards.

How we helped: Coordinated overall response, including lead technical oversight of key forensics investigation and resulting report.  

Client: Major Health Insurer.

Need: Respond to cybersecurity breach affecting  more than 70 million records. 

How we helped: Coordinated all aspects of response engagement,  guided technical work and ensured the resulting report appropriately documented findings and presented the client in an appropriate light

Client:  Large Integrated Energy Company

Need:  Comprehensive support for the company’s cybersecurity preparedness efforts.

How we helped: Prepared incident response plan for the client’s IT department; helped prepare a risk analysis in the event of a major breach.

Client:  Major Media and Entertainment Company

Need:  Comprehensive support for the company’s cybersecurity preparedness efforts.

How we helped:  Prepared company-wide incident response plan; prepared for and participated in senior management tabletop; drafted data classification policy; counseling on law enforcement and information-sharing efforts. 

Client:  Major Insurance and Financial Services Company

Need:  Assistance with response to significant cyber attack.  

How we helped:  Counseled on audit committee and other senior management reports; advised on company’s response to attack and led presentation to full board of directors.  

Client:  Regional Bank

Need:  Review of cyber preparedness and compliance program.

How we helped:  Reviewed the bank’s cybersecurity policies and procedures, including results of recent company-wide tabletop exercise, and provided recommendations to general counsel and his team. 

Client:  Large Global Fashion Retailer and Wholesaler

Need:   Company-wide preparedness for a cyber incident

How we helped:  Working with chief information security officer and head of risk, we prepared and led a tabletop exercise involving the most senior management of the company. 

Client:  Major Cable and Internet Services Provider

Need:  Review and update of company’s cybersecurity risk management approach

How we helped:  Counseled the general counsel and senior management on the governance and structure of the company’s cybersecurity program; drafted and reviewed cybersecurity policies and procedures; provided them with a strategy for evolving their program.

Client:  Regulated Broker-Dealer 

Need:  Comprehensive counseling on cybersecurity program

How we helped:  Counseled on design and approach of cybersecurity compliance and risk management; designed and led a tabletop exercise for senior management.